"Melted Pecan" Is the Summer Hair Color That Looks Even Better Than It Sounds

When it comes to hair-color trends, we're fully on board with the ones that give us both a huge sweet tooth and something extra to add to our summer mood boards. Not too long ago, we were sprinting to our hairstylists with all the "coconut candy" hair-color inspiration we could find, but if you're looking to experiment with another low-maintenance hue that's darker than the aforementioned (but just as sweet), the "melted pecan" hair color needs to be on your list.

"Melted pecan" is a slightly more delicious-sounding name for a simple brown hair color with highlights. "It's tastefully natural, with minimal highlights creating a perfect summer glow," Karissa Schaudt, colorist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, told POPSUGAR. "This is ideal for the low-maintenance client with straight to wavy hair."

According to Schaudt, "melted pecan" looks best on natural brunettes who want to keep their depth but add a touch of brightness. "The fine highlights keep it minimal but impactful," she said.

If you are planning on making a color change this summer and want to give "melted pecan" a try, you should head to a pro and ask for two-dimensional highlights. "Keep the base color close to your natural, while adding the babylights through the hairline and midlights through ends," Schaudt said.

We've already seen celebrities like Hailey Bieber rocking the color earlier this year, so we definitely won't be surprised to see how fast this one catches on. Read ahead to check out some "melted pecan" hair-color inspiration to take to your stylist immediately.