Michael Strahan Said Goodbye to His Famous Tooth Gap — but It Was All a Joke

On March 31, Michael Strahan posted a video on Instagram of him saying goodbye to his famous tooth gap and undergoing a dental procedure at Smile Design Manhattan. He captioned it, "I did it," with the hashtag #goodbyegap.

For context, throughout his football-turned-TV-career, the gap between his front two teeth has been a part of his signature look, so Strahan explained in the video that he knew the decision to bid it adieu wouldn't be met without at least some pushback. That's exactly why he surprised everyone with the news.

"If I go home and say I'm gonna do it, it'll be like, don't do it; if I post, it'll be, don't do it; if I talk to my friends, it'll be, don't do it; if I talk to my business partner, it'll be like, don't do it," Strahan said in the video. "But I gotta do what I wanna do for myself."

After what looked like a rather speedy procedure, he was handed a mirror by Lee Gause, DDS, to check out his new look and instantly had a grin from ear to ear. "I love it, holy f*ck," were his exact words.

But from the get-go, people had a lot to say in the comments. Given the timing of it all, there was immediate speculation that the entire thing was just an elaborate April Fools' joke, and after about 24 hours of waiting, on April 1, those rumors were confirmed. In a new video posted on Strahan's Instagram, he took off a face mask to show that his iconic tooth gap was, in fact, still there.

"I just wanted to say April Fools," Strahan said while pulling down the mask. "C'mon man. The gap is here to stay. . . for a little while — not going anywhere anytime soon. So, April Fools everybody. I had a good time. I actually feel bad — I feel really bad about actually not closing it after everything that I saw. But the gap is here, the gap is not going anywhere for a while. My mom likes it so, there ya go, for you, Mama."

We have some trust issues after this entire ordeal, but our feelings remain the same as those expressed by Michael Bublé on the first transformation video: "You look great either way dude. Just keep on smiling!"