Milk Makeup's New Eyeliner Pen Has a Flippable Tip That Makes It Last Twice as Long

POPSUGAR Photography | Danielle Jackson
POPSUGAR Photography | Danielle Jackson
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Milk Makeup knows that — great as felt-tip eyeliner pens can be — there's nothing worse than trying to hack one that's dried out too quickly. That's probably why the fan-favorite beauty brand recently launched a new eyeliner pen with a flippable felt tip to make your product last twice as long as it normally would.

The Kush Liquid Eyeliner ($22), which launched earlier this month, is an expansion of the brand's family of cannabis-oil-infused makeup products that includes its popular Kush Mascara. The highlight of the product is its star ingredient — which, according to the product description, "helps condition and hydrate skin for a smooth application without pulling, catching, or skipping along the delicate lash line" — though what really stands out for me is that, once your pen starts to get a little dry, all you have to do is grab a tissue or a pair of tweezers to reverse the tip and use the other side, good as new.

I found that the tip flipped pretty easily when I tried it, and it doesn't smudge or transfer once it's on your face. I also swatched it alongside a few other liners on my hand, and when I tried to wash them off with soap, I noticed that it took a few seconds for it budge, even as the others came off almost instantly, so that alone made it a win for me.

Shop the product below and judge for yourself.

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