6 Nail Art Trends About to Take Over London This Fall, According to the Pros

Although there's no correct time or place for specific types of nail art, it's always nice to get new ideas, especially at the start of a new season. And when it comes to the nail art trends for Fall 2019, we're happy to share that you're in for a real treat. We consulted three top London-based nail pros to share the shapes and designs they're really feeling at the moment — and what they predict will be seeing a lot more of.

Even though this time of year, we often think of deep, rich hues and cozy designs (think: jumper nails), this season's coolest nail-art designs are anything but traditional (although, you can find ways to make them feel autumnal through choosing certain colors or patterns). The nail pros we chatted with are obsessed with incorporating many different shades and 3D elements for Fall and even came up with a design idea if you're looking to save money before the season begins.

Not only did the nail artists predict the trends that'll be huge in London, but they also outlined the technique so you can try it at home. However, if you're not keen on trying out the trend yourself, they've also provided tips on what to ask your nail tech if you decide it's a design best left to a professional.

Read on to see the Fall nail art trends that you're about to see everywhere in London; it's sure to give you inspiration to last well beyond this season.

Fall Nail Art Trend 2019: Metallic Tips

"The French manicure is making a comeback," said LaShaun Graham, a nail business owner in London,. "Throughout Spring and Summer, we wore pastel and neon French manicures, but now it's time to tone it down with our wardrobes and our nails." A Metallic French Manicure is her current favorite, using polishes like Rust Worthy ($9) and Sweater Weather ($9) from the Essie Autumn 2019 collection.

This is the type of manicure that, armed with the right tools (striping tape, acetone, and a brush for clean up), it's easy enough to try at home. Or, ask your nail tech for a classic French manicure but swap out the white shade with a pretty metallic hue of your choice.

Fall Nail Art Trend 2019: Negative Space

Graham understands that, although her customers like to indulge in nail treatments, they don't always have lots of money to spend. "As we start to save money for the colder months, my clients are choosing a block-nude-and-negative-space looks so that their manicures last longer," said Graham.

While negative space nails isn't exactly a new trend, people are still finding different and creative ways to play with the look. Case in point: a half-moon, negative space design in a neutral tone that is close to your skin tone — like the one shown above — eliminates the problem of harsh regrowth lines on the nails, meaning the manicure lasts significantly longer (if you opt for a gel manicure, designed to last for up to two weeks).

Fall Nail Art Trend 2019: Nail <em>Art</em>

Nail art is hot right now. "Wearing your favorite artwork like Picasso and Matisse is a great way to express yourself and use your manicure as a way to portray your personality," said Laura Southern from House of Lady Muck salon in London.

If you're feeling up to the challenge, abstract art is probably the best approach if trying this trend at home. And if you're looking to get this done in a salon, be sure they specialize in nail art, and bring photo inspiration they can work from. There are so many possibilities with this trend, and there's no better tiny canvas than the nails this season.

Fall Nail Art Trend 2019: Twist on a Classic French

"Get your tips out," Southern said. Twist on a classic french is proving really popular for Fall. "These [nails] in particular are inspired by old-school sweets, such as fruit salad and lemon sherbets. You can opt for a classic manicure with a touch of color to make your manicure stand out," says Southern. "We recommend to mix two or three color for an understated yet effective manicure, and we use The Gel Bottle neon colors for the best and boldest results."

Similar to negative space nails, this version of a French manicure twist has no regrowth line, meaning your manicure lasts even longer. As this art is a little more technical, ask your nail tech to swap out the regular white French manicure polish for your favorite neon hues, and you can even add extra detail like the manicure pictured by giving it a tie-dye effect.

Fall Nail Art Trend 2019: Print Blocking

Fall Nail Art Trend 2019: Print Blocking

Nail artist Sadie Jordan, who works with startup Beautystack, has been loving the "print blocking" trend. "A simple half animal print nail is a playful take on a classic color-blocking design. Combining this with some negative space will add a clean and futuristic feel to the nail design," said Jordan. This manicure is a little more technical, so it will probably require a professional, unless you feel confident trying it at home. Check that the salon you're visiting specializes in this type of nail art, and be sure to save a few photos for inspiration. Or, even better, if you're in London, book Jordan to do them for you.

Fall Nail Art Trend 2019: Pearls

Pearls are already a huge trend this season, but Jordan predicts they're about to get a lot more popular with nail art in Fall 2019. "Pearls have been popping up all over the runway this season — specifically at the Adeam Fall 2019 show and Spring 2020, designed by Mei Kawajiri — and putting them on your nails is less expensive than getting new season trends into your wardrobe."

Jordan's been particularly inspired by Jay Deau, and we're loving Betina Goldstein's pearl manicure (pictured), too. Dainty flat-back pearls can be purchased at craft stores and secured carefully with nail glue and make a perfect DIY manicure.