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Best Nail Art Trends From London For Fall 2019

6 Nail Art Trends About to Take Over London This Fall, According to the Pros

Best Nail Art Trends From London For Fall 2019
Image Source: Instagram

Although there's no correct time or place for specific types of nail art, it's always nice to get new ideas, especially at the start of a new season. And when it comes to the nail art trends for Fall 2019, we're happy to share that you're in for a real treat. We consulted three top London-based nail pros to share the shapes and designs they're really feeling at the moment β€” and what they predict will be seeing a lot more of.

Even though this time of year, we often think of deep, rich hues and cozy designs (think: jumper nails), this season's coolest nail-art designs are anything but traditional (although, you can find ways to make them feel autumnal through choosing certain colors or patterns). The nail pros we chatted with are obsessed with incorporating many different shades and 3D elements for Fall and even came up with a design idea if you're looking to save money before the season begins.

Not only did the nail artists predict the trends that'll be huge in London, but they also outlined the technique so you can try it at home. However, if you're not keen on trying out the trend yourself, they've also provided tips on what to ask your nail tech if you decide it's a design best left to a professional.

Read on to see the Fall nail art trends that you're about to see everywhere in London; it's sure to give you inspiration to last well beyond this season.

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