Naomi Pierce Enters Her Princess Diana Era on "Succession" With a Fresh Haircut

A little cut can go a long way. During the season four premiere of "Succession" on March 26, Naomi Pierce, played by Annabelle Dexter-Jones, debuted an edgy "mixie" haircut that sent fans into a frenzy on social media. A cross between a mullet and a pixie cut, Naomi's super-short haircut is a departure from the classic bob she previously had. The new look quickly became a fan favorite, with many viewers now drawing comparisons to Princess Diana's iconic haircut.

Unlike the royal's side-swept haircut, however, Naomi's haircut is slightly edgier featuring wispy blond bangs. From behind, her hair is also noticeably longer, with pieces of hair in varying lengths grazing the nape of her neck.

On Twitter, fans were quick to express their opinions about the cropped hairstyle. "Uhhh what the F*CK happened to Naomi Pierce? Where is the bob??? What is this mullet?!?!" one person wrote. In a separate tweet, the same Twitter user added, "First Chris Pine cut his hair, now Naomi Pierce. Please sir, the weapons, they're prosperin against me!"

One "Succession"-inspired fan account even coined a new term for Naomi's regal makeover: "princess diana-fication." Beyond the hair, Naomi's season four debut seems to be a full-blown nod to the late royal (See: her drop earrings, black sunglasses, and classy ensemble). "the dad sunglasses, one Twitter user said, "who is doing it like Naomi Pierce." Another account compared the look to Elizabeth James's aesthetic in "The Parent Trap."

Ahead, see Dexter-Jones rocking Naomi's new "mixie" haircut from all angles.

Annabelle Dexter-Jones's "Mixie" Haircut