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20+ Natural-Hair Twist Styles

Natural-Hair Twist Styles Are on the Rise

20+ Natural-Hair Twist Styles

Natural-hair twist styles are trending everywhere right now, and it's easy to see why. Not only are they a way to protect your hair from damage caused by heat and styling products, but they also look chic as hell. Twists are a versatile style, achieved by dividing the hair into several sections, twisting those strands of hair, and then twisting two twisted sections around one another.

"Twists offer a lightweight experience and have a tendency to be a bit more forgiving after a few weeks of wear," Illeisha Lussiano, owner of The Way salon in New York City, tells POPSUGAR. "They're also great for those that may be more hesitant to try protective styles." (Read: box braids, cornrows, and others.)

Whether you're looking for an everyday style or something special for a night out, there is certainly no shortage of options when it comes to natural-hair twists for short or long hair. From jumbo twists and half-up/half-down looks to beaded twists and space buns, there's something for everyone. Lussiano's favorite way to wear twists is in all different sizes. "Large twists can transform by tying them together and adding accessories," she says. "Medium twists can transform into Bantu knots in the front and loose in the back. Small twists can transform into beautiful high ponytails and buns."

Each style has its own unique charm that can make any hairstyle stand out from the crowd. The best part? They all use simple techniques, so even those who are newbies at styling their twists can get creative without feeling overwhelmed. If you're looking for proof of the trend's versatility — or just wanting some inspiration — keep scrolling for our favorite takes on the natural-hair twist styles ahead.

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