Neon Lips Are Here to Make You Look Like an Intergalactic Space Diva

The latest out-of-this-world makeup trend that's about to take over Instagram? Neon lip art! We've already seen (and swooned over) the edgy 3D effects of neon eyeliner, but now the blinding, '80s-esque trend is making its way to our pouts. We hate to indulge the overused term, but it's pretty darn lit, if we do say so ourselves.

We first came across the neon lip look via talented makeup artist Genevieve Jauquet, who regularly stuns us with her impressively artistic beauty skills. To achieve the one-of-a-kind pout above, Genevieve dabbed on a black lip cream in the center of her lips, followed by a matte pink one to fill in the outer edges. Then, to get that glowing effect, she followed up by using a thin brush to swipe on white lip cream near (but not touching) the edges of her top and bottom lips. Her personal finishing touch? Glitter! The results are a lightsaber-like look that both Jedis and space divas would approve of.

Ahead, see how Genevieve and other committed beauty mavens put their lips in the spotlight with this luminous, hypnotizing trend.