I Can't Believe My Eyes — This Oogie Boogie Bath Bomb Has Hidden Creepy Crawlers Inside

Oogie Boogie bath bombs are here, and I'm ready to shout "This is Halloween!" from the rooftops. Thanks to The Mad Bombers, an Etsy shop with a penchant for frightful beauty products, The Nightmare Before Christmas fans can get their hands on a new fizzy friend.

The creepy-crawly "My Bugs! My Bugs!" bath bomb is modeled after the popular Disney character who takes Santa Claus on a wild (and terrifying) ride. Remember his "Oogie Boogie" song? It's not one easily forgotten, and neither are the notes of this fragrant creation. Each bath bomb is scented with apple and vanilla pumpkin pie, aka the scents of Fall. If that wasn't enough to make you sit on the edge of your seat, you should know that the bath bomb also contains creepy-crawly creatures hidden inside. Don't worry, they're fake, but the fun is oh so real.

Sadly, it appears these bath bombs are sold out online right now, but hopefully, eager shoppers will be seeing them surface on Etsy again soon. It's what Oogie would've wanted.