Origins' New Brightening Serum Completely Changed My Mind About Vitamin C Products

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As someone who has struggled with hyperpigmentation most of my life, I'm no stranger to vitamin C, as it's my top ally when I want brighten up my complexion and fade dark spots. But, if there was one common side effect I don't love, it would be that these serums are all varying degrees of sticky. Sure, some are less so than than others, but I can't name a single one in my collection that doesn't at least have a little tackiness to touch.

Of course, by its name alone, when I first spotted the new Origins GinZing Into the Glow Brightening Serum, I assumed there would be (a form of) vitamin C in it. Still, I had to double-check the label the very first time I tried it: It felt nothing like my other serums. Ahead, see what makes this product different, and why it's my top recommendation for anyone who wants powerful brightening power . . . but can't stand stickiness.

About the Origins GinZing Into the Glow Brightening Serum

About the Origins GinZing Into the Glow Brightening Serum

Once I identified the type of vitamin C in this Origins GinZing Into the Glow Brightening Serum ($44), I began looking into what makes it different than the others I've seen in the past. I found that, when compared with L-ascorbic acid, this lightweight serum's tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate is a more stable form that doesn't exfoliate as much, is often less irritating, and is oil-soluble so it easily penetrates skin, too.

All those things were true for me I didn't see any redness or peeling, and I couldn't even tell I was wearing it when I touched my face. My complexion also looked plumper — most likely thanks to hyaluronic acid — and, while the product smells like a big glass of orange juice, there's actually a dose of caffeine and green coffee seed extract to support cell turnover in there as well.

The Origins GinZing Brightening Serum in Action
POPSUGAR Photography | Morgan Ashley Parker

The Origins GinZing Brightening Serum in Action

When I'm applying this here, the shine you see comes from the fact that it's a liquid, so it still looks wet. The serum actually sinks in almost immediately and dries completely smooth. I personally didn't notice any flaking (from the AHAs and BHAs also inside) but, if you do, that can be solved by substituting this rubbing motion for gentle patting instead.

As I've been testing this new Origins serum for the last month, I can attest its name is no joke. My skin looked brighter immediately on day one, and the brightness has only improved from there. Best yet, it doesn't pill under any makeup I add which has happened with other vitamin C serums in the past.

Now I happen to like this glowy effect so much I rarely put any foundation on after it, but I do always add something with sun protection. (It's incredibly important to wear sunscreen anyway, but even more so when using these types of products because they can make us even more sensitive to that exposure.) And, hey, it doesn't matter if my day-to-day life is still rather dull, my skin most definitely is not.