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The Ouai Body Cleanser and Body Crème Review

Ouai Just Dropped 2 New Body Products That Are Both Ridiculously Luxurious

The Ouai Body Cleanser and Body Crème Review
Image Source: Courtesy of Ouai

Jen Atkin is officially leaning into body care. The hairstylist and beauty entrepreneur has dabbled in the category before, launching a scrub that could be used on the scalp and the body, a shine mist you could spritz on your hair and your skin, and of course a line of fragrances that had fans going crazy in both the US and the UK. But now she's bursting into the body category with two new products that drop on Oct. 3 and are only meant to be used from the neck down — the Ouai Body Cleanser and Ouai Body Crème — and we got a sneak peek of the beautifully scented duo.

The new Ouai Body launches are packaged similarly to the rest of her line — the jar of the Body Crème reminiscent of her perfumes bottles, the bottle of Body Wash looking like a squatter, wider version of her shampoos. Both feature the minimalist labels and blocky font that have made Atkin's product line not only incredibly chic looking but also so desirable — especially among beauty editors and influencers.

Another exciting feature of this launch are the two new scents Atkin developed for the Crème and the Cleanser. "Both the cleanser and the creme have brand-new scents from Ouai," Atkin told POPSUGAR. "They are just as sophisticated and addictive as our other signature fragrances, but they're a bit lighter and fresher, so they can be layered without our other scents." In fact, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Atkin decides to eventually launch these two scents in perfume form. I want to bathe in them literally, figuratively, and in every way possible.

Atkin promises that both products are good for all skin types. "They have been tested and are safe for the most sensitive skin," she added. Keep reading to get a closer look at the Ouai Body Cleanser and Crème, more details about the scents and formulations from Atkin herself, and my honest thoughts after trying them.

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