Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly Getting Manicures Is Exactly the Midweek Boost We Needed

  • Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson recently starred in a Calvin Klein ad.
  • In the 10-minute clip posted to Instagram Live, the duo sat down for manicures.
  • The ad coincides with MGK's product launch for his nail brand, UN/DN LAQR.

Some people need coffee for a midday booster, while others just need a 10-minute video of Machine Gun Kelly and Pete Davidson getting fresh manicures. (We'll leave you to guess which camp we fall into.) MGK, whose real name is Colson Baker, showed off his cool new nail art for a Calvin Klein campaign he filmed with Davidson, and it's worth zooming in on.

The clip comes at a perfect time, as Baker just launched his own nail-polish line called UN/DN LAQR. The ranges includes 10 colors, as well as a matte base coat and gloss top/bottom coat, so we'd be willing to bet these are the polishes used during the manicures. Celebrity manicurist Julie Kandalec was behind Baker's look and created a lightning-bolt design on each finger, which perfectly matched the musician's rock-star aesthetic, but kept the base a soft baby pick to contrast. Davidson, on the other hand, kept it simple and opted for an opaque purple-blue ("Veri Peri" inspired, maybe?) manicure. Both stars chose to keep their nails short and square, and we must say, we're really looking forward to their next designs.

Take a look at the manicures below to strike up some at-home nail inspiration.