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Finger Wave Tutorial

Anyone Can DIY These Glamorous Gatsby-Inspired Finger Waves

Finger Wave Tutorial

The first step is to start creating your waves. If your hair is naturally curly, start with a sleek blowout to smooth out your curls. Once you have dry, clean hair, determine your part, and apply a light mist of hair spray. "Brush it through your hair," Michleb explained. "This will give your hair subtle grip and hold."

Next up, using your flat iron to create the finger waves. Start by gripping the top section close to your scalp, and curve the flat iron to create a C-shape wave in the direction of your head (the first two images). Then take the flat iron, and create a C-shape wave going in the opposite direction. This will create the iconic S-shaped waves.

Apply pressure as you create each wave, and release the iron as you turn your wrist the other way, and then press down again as you create the next wave. Continue rotating the direction of C-shaped waves as you go down the length of your hair to create cascading S-shaped waves. "It's all about your wrist, pressure, and movement," he said.

Source: Benjamin Stone

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