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Transgender Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

The Transgender Beauty and Style Mistakes I Wish Someone Had Told Me

Transgender Beauty Mistakes to Avoid

Great accessories can be fabulous in inspiring self-confidence, but as a transgender woman, I also have to remind myself of what I'm working with. The right rings can really add style to a look (chunky ones in particular), but if I go with rings that are too skinny, they tend to make my fingers look fat. Earrings are my fave, and getting my ears pierced early on in my transition was one of the best things I did. Though I had found some clip-on earrings, the choices I have now are overwhelming! And I hardly ever pay more than $5 for a pair of earrings — cheap fashion jewelry is far more fun.

Belts are trickier, though. If I try to wear a skinny belt high above my waist, then it can draw attention to my minimal waistline. It is possible, but I need to ensure that the clothes under it have enough shape to enhance the look. I find big buckles and broad, elasticated belts are more forgiving for my shape.

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