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Demi Lovato Beauty Tips

Demi Lovato's 12 Beauty Tips to Feel More Confident Every Day

Demi Lovato Beauty Tips
Image Source: Getty / Jason Merritt

Work Out, Feel Happy

"Fitness and diet really changes your mind with the way that you look at things. Whether it's working out and getting a good workout in, or if it's just getting outside and walking. Do something for your body — it's about self-love. It doesn't have to be, 'Oh I need to get to the gym to lose weight.' Your body produces natural levels of serotonin, and you get the endorphins. It literally, physically affects you and how you feel. It makes you enjoy life a little more."

What You Put in Your Body Counts

"I noticed that when I eat unhealthily, I break out. It is true. It's like when you're being good to your body, and then you put something in it that it's not used to. And it's like, 'Wait a minute — I need to get this out of me.'

"Also, another thing is fish oil. You can either eat fish or you can take fish oil pills. Those are really good for your skin because it has omega-3s in it."

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