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Demi Lovato Beauty Tips

Demi Lovato's 12 Beauty Tips to Feel More Confident Every Day

Demi Lovato Beauty Tips
Image Source: Getty / Jason Merritt

Water Is Your BFF

"Drinking a lot of water really helps me. I've had great skin growing up, fortunately. It hasn't been something where I make sure that I eat fish. I just make sure that I drink a lot of water, because I can literally see a difference on my face when I know I'm dehydrated."

A DIY Manicure Can Be Meditative

"I always try to keep my nails looking good. For some reason, if my hands or my toes don't look good, I feel like a hot mess. So I'll even do my own nails at night or in the morning. It's kind of like my therapy, actually. When I need to zone out and do a little distraction meditation, I like to do my nails."

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