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Pat McGrath Labs Sublime Perfect Foundation System Details

Pat McGrath's Sublime Perfection Foundation System Reveals Her Best-Kept Skin Secrets

Pat McGrath Labs Sublime Perfect Foundation System Details
Image Source: Courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs

McGrath describes the oil-free foundation formula as "serum-soft" (no, really, it feels like a feather brushing over your skin as it's applied), while the finish is meant to look completely natural. "It's like an extension of the skin," said McGrath. The secret behind the second-skin effect is twofold. First, it's the skincare-like ingredients in the formula (the brand calls it the "Vita-Serum Complex") that Maguire says activate your skin's natural production of hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Second, it's the soft-focus powder mixed into the formula that creates a blurring effect and "brings life to your skin," said McGrath.

Before the launch, everyone wondered how many shades McGrath would launch with. The final answer? Thirty six (although McGrath hinted that it's the magic number "for now"). "This has been the amount that I've needed to reach all skin tones when working backstage," she explained. To make sure they provided something for everyone, she broke down the range into five shade categories: Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Medium-Deep, and Deep. Within each shade category there are seven-to-eight different tones to choose from that feature neutral, cool, or warm undertones.

McGrath took extra care to ensure that the foundation would remain color true — meaning the shade would never look ashy or chalky or skew too blue once out of the bottle and onto your skin. This comes down to the fact that the formula contains a high level of water (similar to the primer) but doesn't contain SPF (so remember to put on your sunscreen beforehand).

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