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Pat McGrath Labs Sublime Perfect Foundation System Details

Pat McGrath's Sublime Perfection Foundation System Reveals Her Best-Kept Skin Secrets

Pat McGrath Labs Sublime Perfect Foundation System Details
Image Source: Courtesy of Pat McGrath Labs

"The powder is mistake proof — it's like air — and you still see skin after application," said McGrath. Surprisingly, it may just be the highlight of the collection.

"The jet-milled, microfine pigments make this truly the most lightweight powder I've ever seen in my life," said Maguire. "But the beautiful thing about it is that the particles are hexagonal and crystal-shaped, which means they lay flat, forming their own flexible matrix that moves with your skin." What does that mean for your face? That this powder can be used under your eyes without it ever settling into fine lines and creases.

And if you're rolling your eyes at the fact this is loose versus pressed, that was done for a good reason. "Pressed powders have to contain binders, which means they can rarely every be truly sheer," explained Maguire. "Pat wanted something more ethereal." McGrath actually wanted something way more specific: to replicate a loose powder that's been in her kit for 25 years and long since discontinued. "I've used it for ever, and there's only one jar left," she said. "And after years and years, I finally found a way to re-create that powder."

The Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Setting Powder comes in five shades, the lightest of which is almost the equivalent of a translucent hue. On days you don't feel like wearing foundation but still want a touch of coverage, McGrath actually suggests applying your specific shade of powder on top of the primer. A makeup artist showed me this layering technique at the event, and I was shocked at how good my skin looked afterwards; much of the redness around my nose and cheeks was gone.

On the flip side you, can also turn the foundation into a more full-coverage formula by adding powder on top of the foundation, then adding another layer of foundation and another layer of powder on top of that. Doing this, McGrath promises, will increase the opacity and lock your makeup in place without looking chalky or mask-like. "With most powders, you cannot layer foundation top — it's like mixing flour and water, you get a paste," said McGrath. "But with this, you can put the liquid foundation on top of the powder and not have a mess."

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