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Everything to Know About Tongue Piercings

Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Tongue Piercing, According to a Pro

Everything to Know About Tongue Piercings
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How Long Does It Take For Tongue Piercings to Heal?

This goes for all piercings, but the healing process is dependent on a couple of different things: where the piercing is located and how you care for it in the weeks and/or months after getting it. According to Beall, tongue piercings generally take four to six weeks to heal, and as mentioned before, you'll likely experience a little discomfort from swelling in the days and weeks that follow.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Tongue Piercings?

In general, there isn't much to fear about getting a tongue piercing in comparison to any other place on your body. The key is to do your research to ensure you're visiting a licensed piercer at a reputable parlor — in addition to a "well-placed piercing, the appropriate anatomy, and appropriate jewelry," said Beall — to minimize risks. And of course, make sure you're properly cleaning the area during the healing process to avoid infection.

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