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Everything to Know About Tongue Piercings

Everything You Need to Know About Getting a Tongue Piercing, According to a Pro

Everything to Know About Tongue Piercings
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What Are the Different Types of Tongue Piercings?

There are a handful of tongue piercing options out there: traditional, web, snake eyes, venom, and double tongue to name a few. All of these are located in different parts of the tongue or mouth. The web, for instance, is a piercing of the thin piece of tissue that connects the tongue to the roof of the mouth while a snake eyes piercing is a horizontal piercing at the tip that usually makes the tongue look like a snake.

Venom piercings feature two piercings opposite each other near the tip while double tongue piercings can just be a set of piercings on any part of the tongue.

How Much Do Tongue Piercings Hurt?

Like any other piercing, that depends on your individual pain tolerance. "Pain is relative, but typically the piercing isn't that bad," Beall said, adding: "The swelling that follows can be fairly uncomfortable, though."

Any time you're planning on letting someone stick a needle through an organ, you should go into the experience expecting to feel some level of pain, but it's worth remembering that what's painful for you might not be as painful to someone else (and vice versa). To help minimize the pain, experts say you can take a Tylenol or acetaminophen before your appointment, but you should avoid medications like Advil or Aspirin, as it can potentially make you bleed more during the piercing.

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