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What to Do When a Tattoo Gets Infected — Questions and Tips

How to Deal With a Tattoo Infection (and How to Prevent It From Happening Again)

What to Do When a Tattoo Gets Infected — Questions and Tips

What Should I Do to Make Sure My Tattoo Doesn't Get Infected?

Whether or not your tattoo ends up getting infected is all dependent on your aftercare practices, which is dependent on making sure the area stays clean. "Keeping the tattooed area clean is the most crucial part of preventing an infection," Dagger said. "Don't apply ointment on the tattoo with dirty hands, and make sure your hands are washed thoroughly before touching the tattoo."

Outside of cleaning your tattoo, you should also avoid taking baths, going to the pool, or anything else that involves submerging your body in water so it can heal properly.

What Happens If an Infected Tattoo Isn't Treated Properly?

Not that we actually needed to tell you this, but if you think your tattoo is infected, you should absolutely take steps toward treating it. "If an infection is not treated properly, your tattoo will not heal, can fall out completely, and/or leave scarring," Dagger said.

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