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What to Do When a Tattoo Gets Infected — Questions and Tips

How to Deal With a Tattoo Infection (and How to Prevent It From Happening Again)

What to Do When a Tattoo Gets Infected — Questions and Tips

There's a lot that people should know about tattoos before taking the plunge and actually getting them, two of them being the design and location, but another aspect that not too many people take into account beforehand is what to do in the case of a skin infection. Should you immediately see a doctor? What are the signs it's infected compared to normal steps in the healing process? And what are the odds of your tattoo getting infected anyway?

While you should expect to feel some amount of discomfort after getting a tattoo, tattoo infections aren't all that common, though that all depends on how you take care of them as soon as you leave the tattoo parlor.

"Tattoos generally get infected due to improper aftercare," LA-based tattoo artist Johnny Dagger told POPSUGAR. "The client should be very careful about how they clean and maintain the tattoo." Going to a tattoo shop without the proper licensing or sanitation measures in place also puts you at risk of your body art later getting infected, so Dagger recommends doing your research and making sure you're in contact with a trustworthy artist at a reputable tattoo parlor before booking your appointment.

In the event that your tattoo still gets infected even after doing your research, the issue likely lies somewhere in your aftercare practices. Read ahead for some tips on what you should do when your tattoo gets infected.

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