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Fall's "Pumpkin Cream" Hair-Color Trend Inspiration

The "Pumpkin Cream" Hair-Color Trend Will Get You in the Spirit For Fall

Fall's "Pumpkin Cream" Hair-Color Trend Inspiration

  • The "pumpkin cream" hair-color trend is proving to be popular this fall.
  • The fall hair color mixes shades of orange and copper with blond highlights.
  • The hair color works great on redheads, blondes, or soft brunettes.

Grocery stores have started stocking all of our favorite pumpkin-spice-flavored items and Halloween nail-art ideas are trending, but possibly the most telling sign of all that fall is almost here are the seasonal hair colors that have made their way onto our feeds again. Every year like clockwork, even before the weather actually cools down, hues of copper, pumpkin, and caramel begin to pop up as people transition their hair color to warm, fall-inspired shades. This year, "buttery cup" and "touch of toffee" are proving to be popular choices, but if you're looking for something more cool-toned, the "pumpkin cream" hair-color trend is perfect for you.

Unlike the "pumpkin spice" hair-color trend that mixes shades of orange with brown for a deeper color that mimics your favorite Starbucks drink, the "pumpkin cream" hair-color trend is much lighter. It incorporates shades of orange and copper with blond highlights, making it perfect for those with light hair, like natural redheads, blondes, or soft brunettes.

"I find keeping the level around a seven and using a blend of copper, gold, and some neutral (brown) tones is best," celebrity hairstylist Cory Aaron Scott told POPSUGAR. "Getting those butter-gold blond highlights can be achieved with balayage and lifting them to a beautiful butter-gold tone. Most of the time, you don't have to tone the hair."

A prime example of the "pumpkin cream" color in action is Sophie Turner's hair-color change back in June.

Even though the "pumpkin cream" hair-color trend is more orange than red, shades of this variety have been experiencing a resurgence in popularity over the last year and a half thanks to the Netflix limited series The Queen's Gambit. Everyone from Ciara to SZA, Gigi Hadid, and Dua Lipa have put their own twist on the color, and we have a feeling it's not going away anytime soon.

To get the look yourself, Aaron Scott said you and your stylist should "have a good and honest conversation about tones and placement. You'll have a beautiful end result that you can show off in the fall."

Get more inspiration for fall's "pumpkin cream" hair-color trend ahead.

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