Rachel Bilson on How to Copy Her Effortless Cool-Girl Look

You may know Rachel Bilson as Summer Roberts from The O.C. or Dr. Zoe Hart on Hart of Dixie, in either case she's always had a great sense of style — both in the fashion and beauty departments. When it comes to her skin and hair, Rachel gives off the fresh-faced California-girl vibe, a look we've always envied (and tried to copy with products like Bumble and Bumble's Surf Spray). A quick glance at her Instagram account even reveals that she's a master of the #nomakeupselfies and prefers a natural, minimalist look, which is actually quite refreshing to see amid trends like heavy contouring and bubble nail art.

It's fitting then that ChapStick recently named the actress as its newest spokesperson for its Total Hydration lip product. In an interview, Rachel opened up to us about why she loves this no-fuss Winter beauty staple and explained how her skin care routine has changed since becoming a mom to daughter Briar Rose. Make no mistake, though — this mama is also equally knowledgable about beauty hacks and shared some easy makeup tips with us.

POPSUGAR: Which Total Hydration ChapStick is your favorite? Is there a flavor you would recommend people to try?

Rachel Bilson: I love the vanilla. I'm a vanilla kind of girl and it really keeps your lips hydrated and moisturized, especially for Valentine's Day.

PS: Speaking of Valentine's Day, do you have any date-night style advice for those celebrating?

RB: All of my things include a little person now. We're a little more cozy than glammed up you can say. I think for Valentine's Day, less is more. Some girls might like to break out lingerie. That would be nice for the men, but as far as getting ready for a date, low-key is my go-to.

PS: What's your beauty routine like and has that changed drastically since having your daughter?

RB: I've always been low-key and it's gotten even lower since having a child. I am definitely the ChapStick and mascara kind of girl. When I pull both of those together, it's quite an achievement.

PS: Do you have any makeup or skin care staples you can't live without?

RB: The ChapStick Total Hydration is a staple for me and also the Chanel mascara. They used to make it in this blue color — it didn't really look blue, only in a certain light — but they discontinued it, which is a bummer. Now I am using the Chanel mascara in black and what's little left of the blue.

PS: The ingredients in the Total Hydration line are 100 percent natural. Is that something you look for in your products?

RB: Yes, especially since becoming a mom, you're just way more aware of what you put on your body and what you're exposing your baby to. I love that the product is 100 percent natural.

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PS: Throwing it back to the O.C. days, did you learn any fun beauty hacks from the girls or makeup artists?

RB: It's funny, my makeup artist [Joni Powell] on Hart of Dixie was the head of makeup on The O.C. It's like a big family of us that have been together forever. For me, what I've learned is that when you load ChapStick on and then brush your lips with a toothbrush it acts like an exfoliator, which is great. I had to do that a lot because I used to apply lipstick on all the time. And, if you have individual lashes on or false ones, after a while you can curl them as a little pick-me-up since you can't really put mascara on them.

PS: Are you the skin care or makeup type of girl?

RB: I would lean more towards skin care. I am low-maintenance in both areas, so I don't go much further than washing my face and putting on some cream after. Then ChapStick, mascara, and a little blush.

PS: When it comes to your hair, what types of products do you use? As a California native, you have great beach waves.

RB: I am a wash-and-go girl because I don't do my own hair often. It's pretty natural when I am in charge of it. I love the Living Proof line, especially the shampoo and condition antifrizz one.

PS: Describe your beauty look in one word.

RB: Definitely simple comes to mind. And minimalist.