8 Retro Hair Trends That Are So Popular on TikTok, We Almost Forget What Year It Is

TikTok has become a platform where we've seen some of the biggest hair and beauty trends of the last year come to life. It's also where blasts from the pasts have made major comebacks — and we're not just talking about divisive styles like side parts. These days, you can find all kinds of retro hairstyles going viral on TikTok, and at this point, they're becoming so popular that we're starting to forget what year it really is.

The last few months have been wildly nostalgic for us, as we've seen a handful of hairstyles — from flipped ponytails to curtain bangs to chunky highlights — popping up all over social media and virtual red carpets, taking us back to the days of our childhoods. While some of these looks have mostly stayed true to their roots, others have been brought back with a modern upgrade. Ahead, we're taking you through a handful of throwback hair trends that are currently taking over TikTok.

Retro Hair Trend: Flipped Ponytail

The flipped ponytail that was once a staple hairstyle in the '60s, and it made a huge comeback this past spring.

"Whether it's paired with a ponytail, half-up half-down, all down with a side or middle part, I think it's such a fun way to spice up a sleek straight look this spring," celebrity hairstylist and Unite stylist Hayley Heckmann previously told POPSUGAR. "The style is super flattering on everyone and totally elevates a look."

Retro Hair Trend: Farrah Fawcett Curls

The "Farrah Fawcett flip" trend went viral on TikTok back in April after a user named Mallory Jade (who goes by @groovy_mal) gave her followers a detailed look at how she re-creates the iconic hairstyle once associated with the legendary actress. As the tutorial shows, the '70s-inspired style can be achieved using a curler or flat iron and a brush before shaking the brushed curls out until your hair fails into a voluminous, feathery style.

Retro Hair Trend: Chunky Highlights

Just hearing the phrase "chunky highlights" is enough to give us flashbacks to the early 2000s, but even though the style has made its way back to the mainstream in the last year, it's been given a modern upgrade.

"I don't mean Kelly Clarkson '90s stripes, but rather taking balayage and dialing it up," colorist and Matrix ambassador George Papanikolas said. "To keep the look current, stylists should blend them seamlessly. The best way to achieve this is by doing the highlights more delicate at the roots, gradually getting thicker and heavier toward the ends."

Last March, Jennifer Lopez debuted caramel-blond highlights on her brown hair, and other celebrities like Kaia Gerber, Bella Thorne, and Dua Lipa quickly followed.

Retro Hair Trend: Zigzag Parts

A few months ago millennials and Gen Zers had an all-out internet war over the disowning of side parts in favor of the middle part, though an important contender that was unfairly left out of the conversation was the zigzag part.

Zigzag parts were popular in the '90s and early 2000s, often worn by stars like Christina Aguilera and Mandy Moore, though Bella Hadid brought the style back at last year's MTV Video Music Awards where she showed up wearing a spiky updo with two-strand bangs.

Retro Hair Trend: Hair Tinsel

Hair tinsel was once popular in the mid-2000s, but the beauty lovers of TikTok have been giving the style — which consists of weaving in metallic strands of tinsel into the hair — a second go throughout the last year.

Retro Hair Trend: Claw Clips

Around last summer, the claw clip began gaining popularity again on TikTok and Instagram, and given its ability to make any hairstyle appear chic while still looking effortless, it's a trend we can get behind.

Retro Hair Trend: Curtain Bangs

OK, so bangs have obviously never gone out of style, but curtain bangs — aka the '70s-style bangs that are split right down the middle and swept to each side — have been everywhere over the last year, and they've become so popular on social media that even Disney star Olivia Rodrigo got them after debating it with her hairstylist for months.

"Curtain bangs are by far the most asked about style of the year and I'm absolutely here for it," celebrity hairstylist and Unite ambassador, Graham Nation, told POPSUGAR in a previous article. "They give so much change without totally overhauling your mane. They open up your face for the world to see and even air dried the curtain fringe looks so cool undone."

Retro Hair Trend: Flipped Bob

The flipped bob haircut was practically everywhere in the 1960s, though its impact was still strong in the '90s. Much like the flipped ponytail, this style also made a huge comeback over the last year with celebrities like Millie Bobby Brown, Keke Palmer, and Cardi B getting in on the trend.