The "S-Curve" Haircut Is Taking Over

For many people, it's the same story every time you go to the salon. You get either a light "dusting" or, if you're feeling bold, chop a few inches off the end. But if you're looking to try out a completely new haircut this go-around, the "S-curve" is worth having on your radar.

Though you may not be familiar with the look by name, you've likely seen the S-curve haircut in the wild a handful of times. It's a celebrity-loved style that's flattering on all hair types, as proven by the numerous people who've already personally signed off on the look themselves. Even one of POPSUGAR's contributors got the S-curve haircut after seeing the cut on Lucy Hale.

If you want something that's low maintenance and easy to style but still really, really chic, this may just be it. Keep reading for more information on the S-curve haircut from a hairstylist.

What Is the S-Curve Haircut?

S-curve is a fancy name for a classic haircut. "The S-curve cut, also known as the curve cut [or] modern long shag, is longer and looser around the face, but is styled to curve inwards and hug the face," Mehria Aziz, master stylist at salon Warren Tricomi, tells POPSUGAR.

It's no secret that shags have been trending big-time over the last few years, and this cut is a softer, slightly less layered, and choppy way in on that look. "The S-curve cut is a timeless style," says Aziz. "Whether you have long, medium, or short hair, there are numerous ways to create the look and style it. Any face shape can look great with this cut."

At the salon, don't forget the inspiration photos. It's always a good move to have examples of what you're looking for to provide to your stylist.

How to Style the S-Curve Haircut at Home

This haircut's main appeal is in the effortless movement it offers. However, unlike the shag, the layers are more connected. As for styling, it's a low-maintenance look that shouldn't take too long to do out of the shower. Your hair's natural texture only accentuates the look.

"The messier you wear the S-curve cut, the sexier it will look," Aziz says. If you have straight hair, you can add soft, loose curls with a round brush or curling iron to add more texture. Those with curly or wavy hair will find it fairly easy to air-dry with the right products, like a sea-salt spray or texturizer. "The hair should lay closer to the head and give hair a glossy, effortless finish.

S-Curve Haircut Trend Inspiration

S-Curve Haircut on Medium-Length Hair

Lucy Hale's s-curve haircut is medium length, with the pieces that hung her face cropped slightly shorter.

S-Curve Haircut on Long Hair

If you have longer hair, you can still wear the s-curve haircut like Camila Cabello. Her cut still has a lot of movement and hugs around her face.

S-Curve Haircut on Sleek Hair

If you don't want to wear your hair curly or wavy, simply use a round brush to add a slight bend to your ends. Your s-curve haircut will make the style lay beautifully.

S-Curve Haircut With Waves

Style your s-curve cut with a loose wave to help accentuate the face-framing pieces at the front.