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New Clean Beauty Brand Review: Saie

This Might Just Be the Best Mascara of 2019, and Guess What? It's Clean

New Clean Beauty Brand Review: Saie
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Dawn Davis

There are about a zillion clean skincare lines, and they're all perfectly packaged for Instagram shelfies. But clean makeup? That space is way more limited. Sure, you've got Honest Beauty, which you can pick up at Target, and Kjaer Weis if you want to invest half your paycheck in a beautiful cream blush. But what about a clean beauty brand that's fun and feels high end — but won't take all your money? Meet Saie (pronounced "say"), which is here to fill that space.

The brand launches today with carefully edited offerings: a mascara ($24), an eyelash curler ($18), two brow gels (tinted and clear, $18 each) and a lip balm ($16). While each one is pretty darn fantastic, the mascara steals the show. First of all, a good clean mascara is hard to find. Using one often feels like you're gently highlighting your lashes with tinted coconut oil. And many of the better "clean" mascaras contain questionable preservatives. But the mascara from Saie is so good, it might just be a cult favorite in the making. The rubbery brush really lets you define your lashes (it even has extra spikes at the end so you can get into the inner and outer corners), and the formula is layerable for tons of volume and length. It also won't smudge or flake, but it rinses off easily at the end of the day — the fact that it's clean is a bonus.

You know what else is a bonus? Gorgeous packaging and incredibly cool branding, and Saie has both. That's because it's the brainchild of former Estée Lauder executive Laney Crowell, who tapped wellness influencer Geri Hirsch to be the brand's creative director. If you're even vaguely into a little thing called impeccable taste, these are two women to know.

While the clean beauty space is becoming more and more cluttered and confusing, Crowell wanted to make sure Saie offers everything: pretty, recyclable products and cruelty-free formulas that really work, all at an attainable price. And Saie has its own list of 2,000 ingredients it won't use. However, whether you care about the ingredients in your makeup or not, this is a brand you're going to want to know — if only because it's going to take over your Instagram feed right about . . . now.

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