Sarah Michelle Gellar Almost Gave Herself a "#Quarancut" Until She Saw This Buffy Throwback

Like many of us, Sarah Michelle Gellar was also recently thinking of giving herself a haircut while social distancing at home with her family, but all it took was a throwback photo from her Buffy the Vampire Slayer days to remind her why that might not be the best idea. The actress took to Instagram on April 24 to share a meme that included a photo from the Christmas episode of the show, of which the ending scene featured Buffy sporting an uneven haircut that's since been named one of her worst hairstyles from the entire series.

"How some of y'alls quarantine haircuts are looking," the meme's caption reads. In her own caption, Gellar noted that she was also thinking of cutting her hair on her own until a fan sent her the photo. She took the random throwback as a sign to skip the at-home beauty service.

Let this be another reminder for everyone out there that, even though salons are closed right now, it's more than OK for you to hold off on getting a haircut. (But if you must give yourself a trim, just make sure you do so with a few tips from the pros.)