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Sarah Paulson Talks Her Most Iconic TV Hairstyles and Wigs

Sarah Paulson Walks Us Through Her Iconic Hairstyles and Wigs in This Hilarious Video

The only thing more robust than Sarah Paulson's acting career is her collection of iconic hair looks from over the years. In a hilarious YouTube video posted on Netflix's account, the Ratched star broke down a handful of her best-known styles from American Horror Story: Asylum, Ocean's 8, The Post, and more, and clarified if they were or were not, in fact, wigs.

"I'm an actress, I'm also a dog mom — the other thing I am that I think you all should know is that I am a wearer of the wigs," she said at the start of the video. Then, Paulson goes through some of her most recent movies and TV shows and explained the story behind each hairstyle.

For Bird Box, for example, she had a long brown wig (made to resemble Sandra Bullocks' real hair) that happened to be one of her favorites. "It's a precious wig to me — every time I put it on I'm like, 'Oh if I could only have hair like this,'" she said in the video.

When she moved on to Ratched, she explained that they strategically used three wigs throughout the series. One for any time her hair is down, one with a small bun for when she's out in public, and one with a big bun for any time she's in her nurse outfit working in the hospital. "This is how the hair can help inform how and what you're doing as an actor," said Paulson.

But she also spotlighted a few TV hair moments where she wasn't wearing a wig — despite what many of her fans speculated. For the character of Sally in American Honor Story: Hotel, Paulson said, "That is sadly my hair."

Watch the full video of Paulson breaking down her most iconic hairstyles and wigs above.

Image Source: Netflix
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