See Saweetie and Gwen Stefani's Blinged-Out "Slow Clap" Manicures (Sunglasses Required)

Saweetie and Gwen Stefani must really want us to invest all our money on cute sunglasses for summer because their bejeweled manicures in the "Slow Clap" music video are sending blinding beams of light straight through our phone screens. Short of gluing on every colorful rhinestone in the nearest 10-mile radius, the singers wore their nails blinged out in turquoise and lemon-yellow, making their complex BFF handshake at the end of the video all the more impressive.

Saweetie's glittery two-inch manicure perfectly contrasted her hot pink hair and tied her whole look together. The purple and silver gemstones were arranged in a pointed pattern, like the jewels on a queen's crown. Meanwhile, a quick glimpse at Stefani's nails revealed an assortment of orange, green, and blue rhinestones of all shapes and sizes glued one on top of the other. Both manicures delivered the message that more is more and needless to say, we can't stop staring. So, slip on your favorite new pair of sunglasses and peep Saweetie and Stefani's embellished manicures here.

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