P&G's Secret Is Launching Deodorant With All-Paper Packaging, and We're Here For It


For the past few years, the beauty industry has been seeing a (much-needed) shift toward plastic-free packaging, with many brands changing their practices and offering more sustainable options to lessen their contribution to the crisis. Procter & Gamble — the parent company behind Pantene and Head & Shoulders, among others — is joining these efforts by launching limited-edition, all-paper tubes of Secret and Old Spice deodorants in 500 Walmart stores across the country this May. (Given that many retailers are still closed, you can also pick up the product online.)

The move is a step in P&G's 10-year plan to use 100 percent recyclable packaging and cut 50 percent of it petroleum-based plastic by 2030. While the initiative will only replace the plastic stick canisters for two deodorant scents (Rose and Geranium for Secret; Cedar and Salt for Old Spice) for now, the brand claims that if the efforts are successful, it will expand its all-paper lineup.

"We co-designed this package with consumers who are interested in cutting back on plastic waste," Freddy Bharucha, vice president of personal care for P&G Beauty, said in a press release. "The majority of Gen Z consumers have high expectations for environmentally friendly products."

This sounds like a step in the right direction to us, and here's hoping more brands follow suit.