In a Surprising Turn of Events, Seth Meyers Is the Reason We're Buying the Rare Beauty Mascara

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If there's one person who knows Rare Beauty better than anyone else, it's Selena Gomez. The actress and founder of the beauty brand stopped by Late Night With Seth Meyers to discuss her new hit Hulu show, Only Murders in the Building, and to teach the host one of life's most important lessons: how to properly apply mascara. While he so humbly admitted that the only time he's had his mascara done before was by the Rihanna, Gomez shared how he can achieve the effortless look with Rare Beauty's Perfect Strokes Universal Volumizing Mascara ($20), starting around the 6:00 minute mark.

"Right away, this is making a huge difference," Meyers said after applying the new product to one eye. "Now, I do feel like I got some in my eye, but can I say, I think it's made with really good material, because there's no burning." The mascara instantly transformed both of their lashes to have more length and volume. And about those ingredients — the "weightless" formula is made with castor oil to keep the lashes "soft and nourished," as well as sunflower seed wax, rhus succedanea fruit wax, and more.

And just as important as the vegan ingredients, Gomez spoke about how Rare Beauty is also a way for her to talk about mental health both through the products and different initiatives. "When I originally wanted to start a cosmetics line, I made it very clear that I want it to be a brand that feels effortless, that feels like it doesn't have to be about what we look like," she said. "I just wanted to eliminate this idea of perfection — all these girls kind of looking the same and you feel like you need to look like them. I wanted my makeup to be easy to use and just something to make women and men feel comfortable. It's very important." Watch Gomez's interview with Meyers above, and check out their conversation about Rare Beauty around the 5:09 minute mark.