Selena Gomez's Nude Nail Look Is the Perfect Fall Manicure

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Selena Gomez is kicking off Fall with what experts foresee will be one of the season's biggest nail polish trends. The "I Can't Get Enough" singer was seen with a simple nude manicure, which manicurist Tom Bachik posted on Instagram.

Of course, nude isn't just one color. The word encompasses a spectrum of flesh-toned shades that prove friendly for all seasons, and with good reason. According to manicurist and owner of her eponymous nail brand Jin Soon Choi, "Nude shades are for those times when you want to look sophisticated without being loud about it. They are restrained and unexpected, made even more subdued and intriguing when topped with a matte finish."

Choi foresees the family of hues to be one of this Fall's biggest nail trends with a few specific features. "I see pure nude shades — not sheer nudes but unusual nudes such as toffee or beige — being on-trend this Fall," Choi said. Gomez's polish shade is the latest example of how great the nail polish trend looks.

Check out her manicure ahead, as well as an array of nude polishes you can use to get the same effect.

Selena Gomez With a Nude Manicure