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Selma Blair Embraces "Salt and Pepper" Hair on Instagram

Selma Blair Gets Real About Chemo Side Effects, and Goes Into Hair Dye "Retirement"

Since her multiple sclerosis (a chronic neurological condition that causes a wide range of symptoms) diagnosis in August 2018, Selma Blair has been open and honest with the public about the challenges that come with the condition. She's shared how it has changed her parenting and her everyday routine, as well as how it's altered her appearance and beauty regimen — plus how she's embracing these changes.

In April this year, she posted an Instagram tutorial on her "solution to applying makeup with a lack of fine motor skills" while laughing and smiling. Not long afterwards, she shared a video of her shaving her hair with 7-year-old son, Arthur. Now, she's posted on her Instagram again, this time opening up about her evolving hair color due to chemotherapy.

The photo she shared showed off her buzz cut with brown and gray "salt and pepper" hair (after jokingly comparing herself to the Jonas Brothers and Brad Pitt a few days prior). It was accompanied by a lengthy caption: "I let it grow back. It was patchy in color and I felt like dying it brown. Ridiculous! I really only succeeded in dying [sic] my scalp. After a week, I buzzed shorter with clippers and a few weeks later, here we are 🙌. A thinnish, patchy charcoal head." She continued to write about how she will keep her hair short and gray, "something [she] never before wanted to do," and how it will stay that way unless a hair company entices her out of hair "dye retirement."

Blair also shared that, rather than "giving in" to her new hair, at the moment, she's chosen to embrace it. Friends and fans have commented on the post showing their love for her hair, including Gwyneth Paltrow, who wrote, "You have never looked more beautiful as these last months ❤️."

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