Shane Dawson Launched a Beauty YouTube Channel, and Of Course It's Called "Shane Glossin"

In news that will shock absolutely no one, YouTuber Shane Dawson has officially launched a beauty YouTube channel. Sharing the news via Twitter on Jan. 7, Dawson says he intends the channel to be a creative outlet, separate to his existing 11-year-old channel. "I made another channel for makeup videos and other random stuff I might feel like posting," Dawson says. "I just wanted a low pressure place to post stuff if I get creative or inspired at 3am :))."

The news follows Dawson's 2019 docuseries, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, which showed the process of creating a makeup collection from conception to release and its immediate sell out worldwide. Since the series was released, Dawson has shared some of his makeup looks on Instagram, showing off his newly learned skills.

The new channel already has 1.4 million subscribers, even though the only video that's been uploaded so far is a 30-second clip titled "Test." In the video, Dawson is screaming as he toboggans down a snowy mountain, and to be honest, if this is any indication of the random content that's to come, I'm on board.