Refresh Your Style With These Shoulder-Length Haircuts

When it comes to getting a haircut, people usually go one of two ways: they get just a trim to remove split ends, or they go for a big chop. Before you go and get a short hairstyle, there exists an often-forgotten in-between length. Shoulder-length haircuts have begun to rise in popularity. The main appeal? The ability to provide lightness without requiring you to get a complete bob. Commonly referred to as a "lob," shoulder-length hairstyles can keep you cool and still leave room for some play — because we all know how long it can take to regrow your length after a big chop.

Trends may come and go, but thankfully, the best shoulder-length haircuts are here to stay for the long haul, offering versatility and the ability to customize your look to fit your personal style. Whether you go for a shoulder-length haircut with layers, bangs, or need something to accentuate your waves, you have plenty of options.

For those considering a cut, Mariah Molina, an editorial hairstylist at DopDop Salon in NYC, and Kimberly Loomis, owner of Urban Posh Salon in Sola Salons, share how to find the best shoulder-length haircut depending on your hair type, ahead.

Shoulder-Length Haircuts on Different Hair Types

Even if you don't know where to start, take comfort in knowing this: it's very likely a shoulder-length style will look good on you. "You really can't go wrong with this length," Molina tells POPSUGAR. Everyone has a different type of hair and face shape, which can help guide what shoulder-length hairstyle you choose. If you're still unsure, Molina recommends consulting with your hairstylist to determine the right fit.

"Remember, if you see something you like that's not your face shape, any good hairstylist can cater the look for you," she says. "In modern hairdressing, we tend to break those rules and mix and match face shapes and hairstyles in order to create a unique identity that reflects each client's personality, lifestyle, and fashion sense."

Shoulder-Length Haircut Ideas

For inspiration to bring with you to the salon, keep scrolling.

Shoulder-Length Haircut With Layers

Layers help add texture to your look while thinning out thick hair. They also add movement to your hair, which will give it more bounciness when you move.

Shoulder-Length Haircut With Bangs

Whether you have straight or wavy hair, adding a blunt bang will help frame your face while adding some texture to the overall haircut. This style in particular mixes straight blunt bangs with soft subtle waves for a delicate look.

Shoulder-Length Haircut For Thin Hair

When it comes to thin hair, Loomis says, "less is more." Meaning, to create a thick, full look, it's best to stick with one length. "Maybe throw in a side part with some soft bangs to help face frame for a more glamorous finish," she adds.

Shoulder-Length Haircut For Straight Hair

The '70s aren't going anywhere, and if you have straight hair, then Loomie recommends "a smooth and polished finish" to your shoulder-length cut. You can wear it with a middle part, too.

Shoulder-Length Haircut For Thick Hair

For thick hair, you'll want to incorporate some layers to soften the area around the face and remove extra weight. The layers will help to add some bounce — and pair great with curtain bangs.

Shoulder-Length Twist Hairstyle

This protective style barely grazes the tops of the shoulders, allowing for maximum movement and fun. Because it's a shoulder-length look, it'll keep you cool year-round.

Shoulder-Length Haircut For Round Faces

If you're torn between a full bob and a longer lob, this style is a happy medium. It's super versatile, pairing well with bangs and layers to frame your face.

Wavy Shoulder-Length Haircut

Loomie finds wavy hair looks best with a "'90s grunge [hairstyle] with lived-in texture." This shoulder-length look typically comes with layers and choppy texture.

Curly Shoulder-Length Haircut

Add some bounce to your curls with a fully textured shoulder-length lob haircut. Pair it with choppy layers, and you'll have endless volume.

Shoulder-Length Flat Twists

Another protective hairstyle that hits at shoulder length, these flat twists keep your ends tucked while looking cute. Another bonus: there's enough length that you can pull them up into a low bun.

Shoulder-Length Mullet Haircut

Add a modern touch to the retro mullet by leaving it shoulder-length and curving some short bangs around the face. It'll take some of the weight of your hair off your neck, leaving you feeling nice and cool.

Short Shoulder-Length Haircut

Go total '90s with a classic shag — it's a great option for anyone with wavy or curly hair. You also customize it with bangs, from choppy to wispy and blunt.