Sophie Turner's Collection of Sentimental Tattoos Is Ever-Growing

Sophie Turner's tattoo collection is nothing to scoff at. She's been diligently adding to her body art for years now. In fact, in 2018 alone she got seven new designs. Turner has an assortment of 15-plus tiny tattoos scattered across her body, and each one has a special meaning.

Turner's personal life and acting career have influenced a number of her tattoos. The "Game of Thrones" star has two pieces of ink dedicated to the series (and she's not the only one), as well as two small designs to mark her role in the X-Men franchise. She's not afraid of getting inked with the people she loves, either. Turner has quite a few matching tattoos with her ex-husband, including a tribute to their dog Waldo, who passed away in 2019, and a Toy Story design reading, "To infinity, and beyond," from 2019. She also has ink with her siblings and best friend/onscreen sister Maisie Williams. The mom of two has also gotten some ink for her daughters, too. Back in 2020, Turner got a tiny "W," for Willa, inked on her wrist near an equally small "J," for her then-husband.

Ahead, get a closer look at all of Turner's tattoos and learn what each one means.

Sophie Turner's "07.08.09" Date Tattoo

In 2016, Turner got the date 07.08.09 tattooed on her inner right elbow with her friend and "Game of Thrones" co-star Maisie Williams by tattoo artist Kat Paine. The date signifies when the pair found out they were cast in the series.

"With Thrones we were like, if we make it all the way through, hopefully we could get a matching wolf," Glamour UK magazine reports Turner said in an interview with E!, "But we don't know if we're going to make it, so Maisie and I were like 'Let's get this before anyone kills us.'"

Sophie Turner's Tally Mark Finger Tattoo

Turner has five tally marks tattooed on the inside of her right-hand ring finger. According to Refinery29, the five lines stand for her five family members: her mother, father, two brothers, and herself. The exact date she got it is unknown.

Sophie Turner's "X-Men" Tattoo

On her left side, Turner has the "X-Men" logo, which she got to represent her role as Jean Grey in the movie franchise. She got it sometime before 2016.

Sophie Turner's Rabbit Tattoo

On the back of Turner's right arm is a simple drawing of a rabbit by Toronto-based celebrity tattooist Curt Montgomery from 2018. She told Rolling Stone, "It has no significance whatsoever. A lot of people say it looks like bunnies f*cking each other."

Sophie Turner's Portrait Thigh Tattoo
Getty | David Krieger/Bauer-Griffin

Sophie Turner's Portrait Thigh Tattoo

On Turner's thigh, she has a portrait of a woman looking over her shoulder, also done by Montgomery. She got it in 2018. The meaning behind it has never been revealed but fans think it's another "Game of Thrones" tribute.

Sophie Turner's "The Pack Survives" Wolf Tattoo

On her left arm, Turner got a tattoo of the Direwolf emblem and the words "the pack survives." She got it from tattoo artist Lauren Winzer in 2018.

The quote itself is a callback to Sansa's voiceover from the "Game of Thrones" season seven trailer and an even further throwback to a moment between Ned and Arya Stark in the books. "When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives," the full quote reads.

Sophie Turner's Three Triangles Tattoo
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Sophie Turner's Three Triangles Tattoo

The three triangles tattoo on Turner's inner left arm is of Plato's theory. "It's Plato's theory that the soul is comprised of three parts — reason, spirit and appetite," she told Rolling Stone. Her brother Will — who has a matching tattoo of the same symbol — is the spirit, her brother James is the reason, and she's the appetite. "Because I'm hungry for everything. I need everything. Not material-wise, but I need to do these jobs and I have to consume everything. And, also, I like eating." She got the design in 2018.

Sophie Turner's "G" Finger Tattoo

There is a small cursive "G" on Turner's right pinkie finger that she got in 2018. In her caption tagging the artist, Mr. K, she disclosed its meaning: "For my granddad. Mr hero."

Sophie Turner's Northern Star Tattoo

Turner got this delicate north star tattoo on her upper spine by celebrity tattoo artist Daniel Winter in 2018.

Sophie Turner's Initials Toe Tattoo
Getty | Jacopo Raule

Sophie Turner's Initials Toe Tattoo

Turner's hardest tattoo to spot is located on her toes. In a 2018 appearance on "The Late Late Show With James Corden," she told the host, "I was having like a bit of a party in Australia at this house and we were all watching the football. And we all decided to just get tattoos while we were watching the football and drinking beer. It was so badass . . . And I got my brother's initials tattooed on my big toes."

Sophie Turner's "& Beyond" Tattoo

In 2018, Turner and Joe Jonas got matching Toy Story tattoos by Mr. K. Jonas's inner wrist says "To infinity" and Turner's wrist reads "& beyond."

Sophie Turner's "J" and "W" Tattoos
Instagram | SophieT

Sophie Turner's "J" and "W" Tattoos

Located on the inside of Turner's wrist is a tiny "J" tattoo. The ink is for her Jonas, now her ex-husband, who has a matching "S" on his wrist. Sometime in 2020, after the birth of her first daughter, Willa, Turner added a tiny "W" below it.

Sophie Turner's Waldo Tattoo
Instagram | SophieT

Sophie Turner's Waldo Tattoo

In 2019, Jonas and Turner's dog Waldo tragically died after being hit by a car in NYC. In honor of him, the couple each got a small portrait done by an artist at Bang Bang Tattoo.

Sophie Turner's "Phoenix" Flame Tattoo

In 2019, Turner got a flame symbol tattooed on her right pointer finger by Winter. Her caption read, "Phoenix-ing out," which fans believe to be a reference to her role in the "Dark Phoenix."

Sophie Turner's Leo Constellation Arm Tattoo
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Sophie Turner's Leo Constellation Arm Tattoo

On the inside of Turner's left arm, located below the triangle ink, is a fine-line design of a Leo constellation. It's unclear exactly when she got it, but it's fairly new. The ink is believed to be another nod to Jonas, who is a Leo born on Aug. 15.