Squiggly French Nail Art Is the Trendiest DIY Manicure Idea

During a time when the news cycle alone is enough to keep you occupied, manicures probably aren't the top of everyone's agenda right now. Still, for those of us who are staying home to protect ourselves, our families, and the country, sometimes a little escapism is much needed. That might be listening to new music, browsing the best fashion from the hottest TV shows, or trying our hand at some DIY nail art. And we have the perfect design to kick off (or continue) your DIY nail journey: squiggly french tip nail art.

You've probably seen this fun, squiggly french tip trend all over your Instagram feed, from black and white horizontal squiggles to a white and gold melted effect, each design is totally unique. What we love about each and every one is that they're all perfectly imperfect. And by that we mean they aren't superneat or accurate (well, some of them are but they don't have to be) — instead they get their quirks from being slapdash. We know that we'll never match up to the nail professionals and that's exactly why we love this kind of design, because you don't need to.

If you fancy giving a squiggly french tip manicure a go at home, we've rounded up plenty of creative ideas ahead to get you started.

Black and White Squiggle French Tips

Lime Green Squiggle French Tips

Melted Black and White Squiggle French Tips

Fuchsia Squiggle French Tips

White and Gold Melted Squiggle French Tips

Red Ombré Squiggle French Tips

Pastel Pink and White Squiggle Manicure

Red and Pink Squiggle French Tips

Multicoloured Pastel Squiggle French Tips

Pink Gradient Squiggle French Manicure

Love Heart Squiggle French Tips

Candy Cane Squiggle French Manicure