Tell Us, Is There a More Exquisite Beauty Trend Than Stained-Glass Nail Art? We'll Wait

Just when you think you've seen it all, the beauty world parts its curtains to reveal another breathtaking nail trend that makes your heart skip a beat. This time, the trend we're talking about involves bright colors, geometric shapes, and such beautiful designs that you are certain you're looking at a true work of art as opposed to a fingernail; we're talking about stained-glass nail art. This hot 2020 trend features colorful polishes painted to look like the tessellating tiles of a stained-glass window either on one nail, a couple, or as a whole manicure.

You might recall Lizzo sporting this groundbreaking nail look back in 2019, proving to us that she's not only ahead of her time, but also the beauty trendsetter we don't deserve. Now, it's your turn to turn your nails into a mosaic masterpiece — or at least drool over these decorative designs. We expected nothing less from the new 2020 trends, and this nail art trend just goes to show that this year is not here to disappoint. Take a look at our favorite new trend ahead.