Tatcha Launched a Robe to Match Its Silk Primer, and It's the Only Thing I Ever Want to Wear

I gauge the maturity of a person as a direct correlation to the fanciness of their sleepwear. I personally hit the sheets dressed in a decade-old college sweatshirt. But if you opt to don a matching pajama set, I consider you my go-to guru for adulty things like how to do taxes and recipes that require more effort than boiling pasta. That's why, IMO, the Tatcha x Helena Quinn Silk Robe ($155) is the pinnacle of showing the world that you're a big kid now.

If I were a cartoon character who was stuck in one outfit for eternity, I'd be totally fine with it being this ombré purple cover-up. It's the brainchild of Tatcha founder Vicky Tsai and LA-based loungewear designer Andrea Racey of Helena Quinn, who has dressed Gina Rodriguez, Julianne Hough, and quite a few Kardashians. As its name implies, the robe is 100 percent silk and dip-dyed by hand.

Does the ultraviolet color scheme look familiar to you? That's because it was made to match Tatcha's new Silk Primer ($52), one of our favorite products that launched in March. This compact base can convert even the most ardent primer-phobes, as it does more than just prep your face for makeup application. The green tea, algae, and silk-extract-packed formula blurs pores and fine lines and serves as a barrier to protect your skin from breaking out. Our senior video reporter Kirbie Johnson also swears by swiping some of the stuff on your lips to make your lipstick appear more smooth.

The Tatcha x Helena Quinn Silk Robe is available for purchase starting March 29. Just an FYI to anyone who's feeling generous: my birthday is next month, so if you want to make my cartoon character's wardrobe dreams come true, you know what to do.