12 Third-Eye Tattoos That Just Might Inspire You on Your Body-Art Journey

Getting branded with a tattoo is one of the most common forms of self-expression, but not all designs have meanings that are easy to interpret just by looking at them. A prime example would be eye tattoos — or more specifically, third-eye tattoos.

For the uninitiated, your third eye is located on your forehead, slightly above the middle of your eyebrows. A spiritual concept in religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, it's often associated with consciousness, enlightenment, and intuition. Usually opening your third eye can mean having more foresight or greater intuition ahead of certain situations or being able to sense what's coming or what decisions you should make without much explanation.

When people get this drawn or tattooed, it's normally pictured as an eye that's enclosed within a triangle, and you can get it inked anywhere on your body, not necessarily where your third eye should be. Whether you're looking to get the symbol as your first tattoo or you're making plans to add to your collection, read ahead to check out some third-eye tattoo designs that may just inspire you on your body-art journey.