Tina Knowles Curls Her Hair With a Stove Iron, So Excuse Me While I Hold My Ear

Nothing has ever made more sense to me than finding out that the secret behind Tina Knowles's always-perfect, wavy hair lies in an old-school curling iron that gives me flashbacks to my childhood. The star recently filmed what she called a "bootleg" tutorial on IGTV where she broke down how she gets her curls to look so soft and wavy using a classic Marcel curling iron that typically needs to be heated with a stove.

"A lot of people have asked me how do I get this soft, tousled, not-too-curly kind of look . . . so I decided I'd try to show you guys," Knowles started off. While curling, she half-joked that she was "using a professional curling iron because I'm a professional," though she admitted right after that she was really using it because her electric curling iron broke. Throughout the tutorial, she demonstrated how to achieve both a soft wave and a slightly tighter curl, and even though the end result was flawless, her use of the stove curler took me way back to my childhood and made me want to hold my ear just watching. Judging by the comments on the video, I wasn't alone on this one.

"Who else feels the need to hold their ear down when seeing that professional curling iron," one person wrote. "That marcel clink just gave me flashbacks," wrote another.

Clearly, Knowles is the beauty influencer we never knew we needed.