"Tiramisu" Hair Color Is Winter's Yummiest Trend

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Is it just us, or has everyone recently decided to test out the claim "blondes have more fun"? We recently saw Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox with "Targaryen"-blond shades, Zoey Deutch and Lily James changed up their looks to "Barbie" blond, and now, a new hair color dubbed "tiramisu" is all over our social media feeds and red carpets.

"Tiramisu" hair color, which has been seen on celebrities like Emma Roberts, is the perfect tone for those who want to be blond but don't like frequent maintenance. If you're curious to learn more about the trend, we asked a professional to answer all of our burning questions about the trending shade, from what to ask for at the salon to how to care for the lighter hue at home.

What Is Tiramisu Hair Color?

The color, which is ultimately a warm blond, gets its name from the coffee-flavored, multishade dessert. "The color consists of three different shades of brown, including a warm tan with a yellow undertone, a deep warm brown, and a light brown with a gold reflect," Matt Rez, celebrity colorist and Redken brand ambassador, tells POPSUGAR.

The trend also features a shadowed root or a root smudge, where the highlights are lightly painted over with a shade closer to your natural hue. Rez says this helps create a seamless blend into the base color, and it also makes for less maintenance.

If you're currently platinum blond and looking for something less dramatic, or you're just interested in exploring a tone without so much upkeep, this trend is perfect for your 2023 vision board.

How to Ask Your Colorist For Tiramisu Hair Color

If you're already sold and ready to hit the salon, in addition to asking for the shadowed root, Rez suggests asking your stylist for blended ribbons of warm tan, light brown, and deep warm brown woven through your roots to ends. The base and lowlights of this color should be the deep warm brown, while the highlights can be the tan color. Rez says you should ask your stylist for highlights using a lightener or bleach that lives in the level eight (a medium blond).

Then, the light brown can be the midlight color that seamlessly blends the base and lowlights with the tan highlights. To finish off everything, Rez says to ask your colorist for a neutral, gold-based all-over gloss, which will enhance the warmth of the deep brown as well as bring the gold reflect into the light brown.

While achieving the initial color is a little involved, the maintenance isn't. Rez suggests visiting the salon every three to four months for foil work and doing a gloss in between at the two-month mark to revamp the color reflects and add the shine back in. Plus, thanks to the shadow root, if you need to take more time between appointments, the grow-out won't be as noticeable.

How to Care For Tiramisu Hair Color at Home

Caring for your new tiramisu hair at home is all about using protective products that will help your color last. Rez's main suggestion? A shampoo that lowers the pH of your hair. "Shower water topically has a pH of 7, which is still too alkaline for hair-color preservation — you want hair to live in the acidic 4.5-5 range," he says. "Anything higher, and the cuticle will slowly raise and release color deposited."

To avoid color fading, Rez suggests using a shampoo or conditioner that can combat this, like the Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo ($30). It's also important to use a heat protectant any time you use hot tools. Our current favorite is the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Heat Styling Spray ($31).

Tiramisu Hair-Color Inspiration