Get Ready to See Summer's "Umbrella" Hair-Color Trend Everywhere

  • The "umbrella" hair-color trend is about to be everywhere this summer.
  • It features two different hair colors, usually stacked on top of each other for a high-contrast look.
  • Instagram has plenty of inspiration for the "umbrella" hair-color trend for summer.

If you've been coloring your hair for quite some time, you might be bored with the classic options like highlights and lowlights. That's where fun shade variations like "poptarting" and the "umbrella" hair-color trend come in.

Though you may not know of the "umbrella" hair-color trend by name, chances are you've seen it before at the hair salon or on social media. The look typically features two contrasting hair colors stacked or layered on top of each other. This gives the effect of an "umbrella," with one color on the top half of the head and a different color peeking through underneath. "Umbrella hair color is a form of block color," Devin Toth, hairstylist at Salon SCK in NYC, tells POPSUGAR. "Instead of undercut, think undercolor. There's a thin veil of lighter hair color resting on top of the rest of the hair. which is all a darker hair color."

Though the look is typically on the bolder side, it can be made more subtle by blending the colors more or using shades that are similar in tone. "It's an extreme version of what hair colorists often do with dimensional highlights," says Toth. "Usually, they keep the brightest areas up top and around the face, while they keep all the hair from the nape of the head relatively dark and natural, which gives the overall hair color depth."

The hair-color trend works on all hair types — straight, wavy, thick, and thin hair — but is best for "geometric mid-length" haircuts, such as a bob or lob. "If you want umbrella hair, you should ask for block hair color that's darker on the bottom and lighter on top," he says. "It wouldn't hurt to ask for a one-length bob or lob haircut with some subtle point cutting on the top layer."

Ahead, check out more inspiration for the umbrella hair-color trend to take with you to the salon.