Vanessa Hudgens's Engagement Nails Aren't What You'd Expect

Vanessa Hudgens has officially confirmed her engagement. On Feb.9, the actor posted a picture of herself alongside her now-fiancé Cole Tucker, sporting a massive ring on that finger. Another standout detail> Her grunge engagement nails, which fit her to the letter.

Hudgens's nails were filed into a long almond shape and painted a deep burgundy shade. In contrast to the ultra-shiny "lip gloss nail" that is trending right now, Hudgens's nails featured a matte topcoat, giving the color a bit more depth and making the manicure feel even edgier.

There could not have been a more fitting look for the star, who is known for her love of all things spooky and ethereal. Other recently-engaged celebrities have worn everything from supermodel nails to classic french tips, but no manicure has stolen the show quite like Hudgens's.

Though you'll have to wait to see her bridal aesthetic, it feels like Hudgens is going to continue to do things her way when it comes to her wedding hair, nail, and makeup choices. Whatever she decides to do, this next season of her life will be sure to provide endless beauty inspiration. For now, take a closer look at Hudgens's nails.