Watch Halloween Queen Vanessa Hudgens Transform Into an Unrecognizable Witch

We can always count on Vanessa Hudgens to go all in for Halloween. The actor transformed into a witch for the virtual-reality production titled "Haunted House: Trick-VR-Treat," and we barely recognized her once the hair and makeup process was complete.

In one sneak-peek video posted on Oct. 18, Hudgens sits in a chair as a team of three apply intense facial prosthetics in three parts — first, one spanning from neck to nose, then another covering her entire forehead and eye area, and lastly, one for her chin. She even has additional prosthetics to make her hands look extra corpselike, with a ghastly manicure to match. In another Instagram clip, the "High School Musical" alum quickly transitions from fresh-faced to witch-faced, complete with a gray updo that's a far cry from her usual silky brunette hair.

The end results are truly wild. When Hudgens is fully in her witchy character, she has a large hooked nose, furrowed brow, intense undereye discoloration, and forehead creases for days. According to director Eli Roth, the mastermind behind the immersive "Trick-VR-Treat" experience, it was Hudgens's first time ever having prosthetic makeup, and we must say, she's rocking it like a pro. Take a closer look at her transformation from start to finish ahead.