Proof That Vanessa Hudgens Is the Biggest Advocate For Spring's Dandelion-Yellow Nail Trend

Vanessa Hudgens just showed off one of the biggest Spring nail trends IRL, the dandelion-yellow nail color, and now they're her greatest accessory. By the looks of all of the selfies she's taken with the fresh set, they're not going away anytime soon.

Hudgens gave us a closer look at her bold and vibrant nails in a selfie on her Instagram Story on Wednesday. In the photo, you can see her pointed, neon-yellow tips by celebrity nail artist Thuy Nguyen. Nguyen is responsible for most of Hudgens's best mani moments (which is saying something, really), as well as other celebrities', like Lucy Hale and Joey King.

Rita Remark, global lead educator for Essie, recently told POPSUGAR that she loves the yellow nail trend not just for Spring but for all seasons. "Yellow is now a nail color that has staying power," she said. "It's not just a niche, one-season trend. It's more approachable and less of a risk. A color that previously felt polarizing and controversial among nail enthusiasts now boasts variations of hue and more options for those of us trying to find the perfect complement to our skin tone."

Hudgens also shared a Boomerang on Instagram that showed off her bright nails and cute star stickers around her eyes (hello, another Spring trend?). If you're waiting for a sign to give the yellow nail color a try, this is it.

See more shots of Hudgens's yellow Spring manicure ahead.