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Watercolor Makeup Ideas For Halloween and Beyond

19 Watercolor Halloween Makeup Ideas Perfect For the Euphoria-Obsessed

Watercolor makeup is one of 2019's most beautiful makeup trends, and the easy-to-achieve look is also perfect for Halloween. Euphoria made the look popular on TV, but The Politician's Lucy Boynton is a fan of the new trend IRL, which is created by blending bright, vibrant colors (or sometimes, pastels) with a soft touch β€” even adding a bit of water to your brush β€” to replicate the dreamy, diffused look of watercolor paints.

The boldness and imperfect look of watercolor eye shadow is ideal for those of us whose idea of a Halloween costume involves no effort on our clothes, but plenty of time spent on our makeup. Not sure where to start? We've got tons of inspiration for you, from gelato eyes to pop art looks and moody Euphoria tears. Keep reading for some of the most incredible watercolor makeup looks on Instagram.

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