Wedding Hairstyle Ideas to Bring With You to Your Trial

When people think of wedding planning, the first things that likely come to mind are the venue, dress, and flowers, but it's important to give attention to the tiny beauty details, too. From your wedding nails to your bridal makeup to your wedding hairstyle, there's a lot to consider.

Whether you just got engaged or the big day is fast approaching, it never hurts to do a little research on wedding hairstyles. Choosing the right look can be stressful, but thankfully, there are plenty of options to pick from. Naturally, you want to look like yourself, but also the best version of that. You'll want to take into consideration your natural hair type, as well as the length of your hair and the overall vibe of your wedding.

If doesn't matter if you're looking for a wedding hairstyle for short hair, medium-length hair, or long hair, you'll have plenty of chic looks to choose from. Updo wedding hairstyles are a popular choice for spring and summer events or anywhere with a warmer climate, as they keep you cool and help reduce the risk of frizz. If you prefer to wear your hair down, though, you have possibilities outside of just your standard loose curls. By utilizing bobby pins and other hair accessories, you can dress up a simple wedding hairstyle in seconds.

Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

Some classic choices include half-up, half-down hairstyles; side-parted curls; and braids, which pair well with traditional ceremonies and garden parties alike. However, if your bridal mood is more modern — for instance, you're having your reception at a restaurant or maybe even eloping at City Hall — you may want to consider trying one of the biggest hairstyle trends of the year. This can be a bubble ponytail, a slicked-back supermodel bun, or a braided ponytail.

You don't necessarily need to enlist the help of an entire glam squad on your big day if you don't want to. The internet is filled with tutorials for easy wedding hairstyles. If you're going the route of hiring a bridal hairstylist, oftentimes, they'll offer a trial ahead of the big day for you to test out your potential hair look. This is a great opportunity to play with different options.

Not sure where to start? Ahead, we've rounded up a ton of inspiration ideas — from wedding updo hairstyles to down looks and everything in between.

Wedding Hairstyles: Sleek Bun

This sleek and sophisticated wedding bun hairstyle can go with a variety of bridal gowns. The addition of the pearl hair accessory elevates it slightly and gives it an editorial look.

Wedding Hairstyles: Curls

If you're looking for a curly wedding hairstyle that'll really show off your texture, a simple look with a deep side part feels ultra glamorous.

Wedding Hairstyles: Ponytail

This is no average ponytail. To keep your hair off your neck and out of the way so you can party all night long unencumbered, try a voluminous ponytail that sits either low or high on your head. It's a great wedding hairstyle for long hair.

Wedding Hairstyles: Loose Waves

Loose waves are timeless. To keep your hair out of your face while still wearing it down, try tucking back the front sections on either side of your face with a hidden bobby pin. This creates a hair headband that's both pretty and functional.

Wedding Hairstyles: Half-Up, Half-Down on Short Hair

Short wedding hairstyles don't have to be boring. This half-up, half-down style works perfectly on all lengths of hair.

Wedding Hairstyles: Curly Updo

Curls look stunning pulled back in a wedding updo hairstyle, as seen here. The dangling ringlets in the back and curly bangs make the style feel romantic.

Wedding Hairstyles: Braided Bun

Braided buns are a staple wedding hairstyle for Black women. You can create a variety of different looks, especially by incorporating accessories.

Wedding Hairstyles: Half-Up, Half-Down

Long hair looks great in a half-up, half-down hairstyle for weddings thanks to the cascading curls.

Wedding Hairstyles: Low Bun

A low bun is a simple wedding hairstyle that will always be in style. Leaving a section of hair out in the front to curl, as seen here, allows you to add a detail that's visible from the front for photographs.

Wedding Hairstyles: Sleek Bob

One of the easiest short wedding hairstyles of all is styling your hair sleek and straight.

Wedding Hairstyles: Twisted Bun

You can dress up a simple twisted bun by creating faux bangs as seen here or by styling your baby hairs.

Wedding Hairstyles: Voluminous Curls

Add even more personality to your voluminous curls by pinning back a section of hair on one side with a fun accessory.

Wedding Hairstyles: Messy Bun

Wedding updos don't need to be sleek and polished. This messy bun with face-framing curls on either side feels elegant and playful.

Wedding Hairstyles: Low Ponytail

Incorporating hair jewels and other accessories into your curled ponytail elevates it instantly.

Wedding Hairstyles: Side-Parted Curls

Parting your hair on the side, even if you typically wear it in the middle, creates lots of volume.

Wedding Hairstyles: Curly Ponytail

For a romantic, effortless wedding hairstyle, try a curly ponytail that's dressed up with accessories and flowers.

Wedding Hairstyles: Bubble Ponytail

This bubble ponytail feels romantic and sweet, making it perfect for an outdoor wedding.