Everything You Need to Know to Become a Cut Crease Queen

If you're a makeup and YouTube devotee, you've probably seen dozens of cut crease looks on your favorite beauty gurus and tutorials that followed — and there is no denying that they're fabulous. But when it comes to re-creating these looks at home, it all looks incredibly professional. You might find yourself unsure what the technique is or how to achieve it. If that's the boat you're in, read on to become a cut crease queen.

What Is a Cut Crease?

A cut crease is the technique of using different colored eye makeup to cut across the eyelid to form a sharp contrast in colors. This sharp cut is then not blended, forming a clear crease on the eyelid. Many makeup enthusiasts use neutral toned colors to make their eyes appear more open. Or you can go the dramatic route with bold hues.

How to Do a Cut Crease

Start by priming your whole eyelid, then use a light base shadow color for your lid. There are two ways to create the cut, either using concealer or creating lines with darker shadow. The former requires forming a line of darker colored shadow in your crease and blending this out. Then add bright concealer with a small brush to form the round crease shape underneath the blended line you just created. Once blended, go over the concealer with a color shadow to create contrast.

The other method involves using a shadow brush to create the shape carefully, then adding the next shadow underneath that cut but without blending the two together. A lot of people have used a plastic spoon to hack the perfect shape. Follow this with additional colored shadows in the inner corners of the eyes or lower lashes, winged liner, and false lashes for a glam finish. There are so many variations of the cut crease so you can really play around with the technique to find out which colors and shapes suit you. Although it takes some practice to perfect, once you get it right, it can look incredible.

If you're still confused, allow us to point you in the direction of queen cut creases aka Nikkie Tutorials in the video above.

Who Should Do a Cut Crease?

Everyone! Cut creases open up the eyes due to the lack of blending and can make the eyes look more open and work on each eye shape. It is also a great technique if you want a brighter or more dramatic eye makeup look.

Ahead, see some of our favorite types of cut creases to inspire your next look.

Black and White Cut Crease

Glitter Cut Crease

Glitter Wing Cut Crease

Ombré Cut Crease

Gold and Blue Glitter Cut Crease

Transition Cut Crease

Nikkie's Cut Crease Tutorial