On the Fence About Bangs? Try a Wispy Take on the Look

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The right bangs have the ability to completely change your entire look, but just as it can be hard to make up your mind on the kind of haircut you want, it can be equally tricky to figure out the best type of bangs for you. If retro-inspired curtain bangs aren't for you and micro bangs are a bit too edgy, wispy bangs may be a good fit.

Similar to layers, wispy bangs can bring new life into your existing look without having to change your entire style. As made evident by Hilary Duff, Emma Chamberlain, Lizzo, Dua Lipa, and Elizabeth Olsen, they're a popular choice for 2023. They are soft and add some intrigue to the face without being too edgy or dramatic (unlike a style like blunt bangs, for example).

Below, a celebrity hairstylist shares everything you need to know about wispy bangs, like what to ask for at the salon and how to style them at home.

What Are Wispy Bangs?

As the name suggests, this bangs style is piecey and delicate. "Wispy bangs are the perfect fringe trend for summer," celebrity hairstylist Sophie Sugarman tells POPSUGAR. "They're super light, airy, and fresh." They can be cut straight across the forehead or layered with more texture. Another big differentiator between wispy bangs and many other types is the way they're cut: with layers instead of a blunt finish. This is what gives them the wispy, effortless feel.

Wispy bangs work for all hair types and textures, as well as all lengths — long, medium, or short. "It's the perfect style to try if you don't want to fully commit to blunt bangs but want to add softness, texture, and beautiful shape around the face," Sugarman says.

Before you commit, make an appointment with your stylist to go over your options. "Take your hairdresser's advice on what fringe would suit you and your face shape," Sugarman says. Also, don't forget to bring reference photos with you. "It's always great to show your stylist so they can visually see what you are thinking."

How to Style Wispy Bangs

Getting wispy bangs is only half the battle; the second half is learning to style them. Sugarman says practice is key. "It can take a couple of times to understand how your bangs want to sit, so play around with them and see what styling tool works best for you." She recommends using a velcro hair roller to set your bangs after blow-drying — this adds long-lasting volume to the style.

Texture sprays are also great for accentuating the wispiness of this bangs style. "It helps you achieve that full, effortless tousled texture in just a few seconds," Sugarman says, adding that she likes the Unite Beach Day Spray ($30). Our favorites include the Ceremonia Guava Beach Waves Hair Texturizing Spray ($20), which just earned itself a coveted POPSUGAR Beauty Award, as well as the Odele Texturizing Sea Salt Spray ($12), which is a great affordable option.

Wispy-Bangs Hairstyle Inspiration

Keep scrolling for some of our favorite takes on the wispy-bangs style.

Wispy Bangs on Long Hair

Wispy bangs that go across the forehead add some personality to long hairstyles.

Wispy Curtain Bangs

You can give your curtain bangs a modern twist by adding a wispy finish to the ends.

Wispy Bangs on Straight Hair

Wispy bangs can make long, straight hair look flirty and playful.

Wispy Bangs on Short Hair

You don't need long hair to have wispy bangs — the haircut pairs great with short styles like bobs and lobs.

Wispy Bangs on Curly Hair

Wispy bangs will look slightly different on curly or textured hair, but you can still get in on the trend. This cut will add lots of bounce to your fringe.